Irrigation and bucket tanks


A hydrostatic watering and bucket for Villanueva de la Serena

On April 23rd, Surtruck delivered a hydrostatic irrigation and bucket cistern for the Villanueva de la Serena Cleaning Service (Badajoz). The equipment has been designed and […]

Three hydrostatic watering and bucket cisterns for Roquetas de Mar

Last week, Surtruck delivered one of the three hydrostatic irrigation and bucket tanks that will be in service within a few days in Roquetas de Mar […]

Irrigation tank and hydrostatic baldeo in El Ejido

Recently, Surtruck delivered a new vehicle for road cleaning that is already in operation in the town of El Ejido (Almería). It is a hydrostatic irrigation […]

An irrigation and bucket cistern for Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

The company Surtruck was awarded the specifications published by the City Council of Fuenlabrada to float an irrigation and bucket tank on a chassis owned by […]

Delivery of a Surtruck cistern in Sagunto (Valencia)

The vehicle has a vertical pump system patented by Surtruck. After the award of the municipal company S.A.G. (Sagunto Sociedad Anónima de Gestión), Surtruck has delivered […]

Two new cleaning vehicles for ResurJA (Jaén)

Last January, Surtruck delivered two road cleaning equipment for Residuos Urbanos de Jaén S.A (ResurJA) In the first days of the month, a soundproof hydrostatic tank […]

Delivery of a hydrostatic cistern for the City of Arroyomolinos (Madrid)

Last December, the hydrostatic cistern was delivered to the City Council of Arroyomolinos, following the award that took place last year and which was published on […]

Award of a Surtruck tanker in Sagunto (Valencia)

The municipal company S.A.G. (Sagunto Sociedad Anónima de Gestión) has awarded Surtruck the contracting of a hydrostatic soundproof tank, with a tank of 10,800 liters in […]