A low-power hydrostatic cistern for Torre-Pacheco (Murcia)

The company STV Gestión has acquired a tank of high pressure and low soundproof consumption, intended for the road cleaning service of the City of Torre-Pacheco […]

A soundproof hydrostatic cistern will operate in several Valencian towns

The company Joaquín Lerma S.A., dedicated to the management of waste, services and contracts, has acquired a soundproof hydrostatic tank, designed and manufactured by Surtruck. The […]

Parla Town Hall has a hydrostatic cistern of Surtruck

On May 14, a soundproof hydrostatic tank was delivered at the UTE facilities formed by Urbaser and FCC in Parla (Madrid). On the same day a […]

A hydrostatic watering and bucket for Villanueva de la Serena

On April 23rd, Surtruck delivered a hydrostatic irrigation and bucket cistern for the Villanueva de la Serena Cleaning Service (Badajoz). The equipment has been designed and […]

Hydrocleaner vans in several municipalities of Tenerife

The town halls of Santiago del Teide and San Miguel de Abona have the latest technology from Surtruck Last week, the commercial director of road cleaning […]

Alcoy receives two Surtruck hydrocleaner vans

On December 18, Surtruck delivered at FCC Alcoy (Alicante) two hydrocleaner vans that will operate in the road cleaning service of the City Council of this […]

Two hydrocleaner vans for the City of Cuenca

On December 17, Surtruck delivered two new hydrocleaner vans with hot water in Cuenca. The vehicles have been designed and manufactured for the FCC Group, and […]

Three hydrostatic watering and bucket cisterns for Roquetas de Mar

Last week, Surtruck delivered one of the three hydrostatic irrigation and bucket tanks that will be in service within a few days in Roquetas de Mar […]