The efficiency of our portable monitor DPM1900

It is a compact and lightweight device that can operate without the presence of an operator One of the most valued pieces of equipment in the […]

Surtruck hoses, the preferred hoses for firefighters

Their high resistance and high tenacity polyester fabric make them ideal for firefighting Among the equipment offered by Surtruck to its clients, one of the most […]

Just Leitern, the safest rescue ladders on the market

The FO-700 model, a 3-section ladder up to 14 metres extended, which can withstand up to 3 firefighters with equipment according to EN1147, is in great […]

Top-quality equipment to complete the service to customers

Surtruck’s catalogue includes products from all over the world with two characteristics: maximum innovation and efficiency Surtruck’s Product Division Manager, Teresa Gentil Lagoa, is very satisfied […]