Surtruck will deliver in 2021 the first 12 of the 23 fire fighting vehicles acquired by the Fire Brigade Consortium.

Custom-designed to the required specifications, the first 6 units were presented at a protocol ceremony. The first narrow fire fighting vehicles manufactured by Surtruck are already […]

Surtruck trains Cadiz firefighters in general knowledge and hydraulics so that they can make the most of the new vehicles

This year, 12 BULs will be delivered to the Consortium and next year, the remaining 11 will be delivered. Surtruck has provided, through its own personnel […]

Mercedes partner certifies the powertrain of FUSOs manufactured by Surtruck

They are the only small vehicles with this manufacturer’s approval. The narrow vehicles manufactured by Surtruck for firefighting, the FUSO, have just passed a new test […]

Surtruck has delivered the first four fire-fighting vehicles to Cordoba

They are two narrow urban pumps and two support and transport vehicles Cordoba’s professionals were looking forward to them, and will start using them as soon […]

Work to fit out Surtruck’s new warehouse is progressing well

It will be operational in January and will add 4,000 more metres of production space to the group Surtruck is making progress in the refurbishment of […]

Surtruck participates in Ecomondo, the benchmark trade fair on sustainability and circular economy

Surtruck’s delegate in Madrid, Luis Fernando Martín, and William Ferro, from the Technical Office, have travelled to Rimini, Italy, to attend, on behalf of Surtruck, the […]

Teresa Gentil, Commercial Director of Products Division

“We offer the most effective products and that is vital for professionals in this sector” She felt attracted and caught by the Surtruck project, a company […]

The Sierra Bermeja fire test consolidates the 7-seater 4×4 vehicles designed by Surtruck

Professionals highlight the efficiency and performance of a design made exclusively for the forestry brigade. Carrying two extra occupants without having to do away with tools […]