Vehicle Cleaning Parabolic Cylinders

Vehicle intended for cleaning by CEPILLADO of parabolic cylinders from solar thermal plants.

Carve on truck with articulated arm.


  • Transfer box that allows to reduce the speed through a hydrostatic drive.
  • Adjustable speed between 0 and 5 km/h.
  • Water tank made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass of 9,000 liters capacity. Capacity is depending on the needs of the terrain.
  • Rear cabinet to install high pressure equipment.
  • High load-capacity crane suitable for automatic handling of both cleaning tools.
  • Brushcleaning tool with two extensions that allows cleaning of the upper and lower area in a single pass.
  • Hydraulic oil pumps operated from the transfer box that drive the rest of the equipment.
  • High pressure pump: 150 l/min and 130 bar.
  • The control system ensures the integrity of the mirrors and absorber tube.
  • The vehicle is controlled by a single operator and is carried out from the cab.
  • It has LED night lighting spotlights.
  • Winding with 25 meters of hose and high pressure gun.
  • Ceiling opening to improve the visibility of the driver. This glass will be accompanied by a reinforced wiper and with a stop at the top that limits its movements.