Vehicle Cleaning Flat Heliostats

Vehicle intended for dilution cleaning of heliostats with flat mirrors of thermal solar plants

Carve on truck with articulated arm.


  • Adapted to 18 Tm commercial frame with hydrostatic vehicle transmission transformation that allows stable low speed working.
  •  Adjustable speed between 0 and 5 km/h.
  • Automated crane, for handling cleaning tools. The tools are removable, to facilitate transport, maintenance or other uses of the vehicle.
  •  Sensorized cleaning tool with ultrasonic sensors and inclinometer to prevent shocks for heliostat cleaning.
  • High pressure system with spray nozzles.
  •  Water tank with a capacity of 9,000 l, built in polyester reinforced with fiberglass. The scope will be sufficient to minimize the number of refueling and maximize the number of interventions.
  • 160 bar and 183 l/min hydraulically driven high pressure pump.
  • Winding with 25 m 1/2" hose and high pressure lance, suitable for bucketing pedestals and areas close to heliostats, as well as cleaning the vehicle itself.
  • Installation of two rotary lights approved, on cab roof and rear, as well as gauge lights and sufficient beaconing according to regulations, for the ideal display of the vehicle and its dimensions.
  • Two work units for perimeter lighting in the vehicle's reach area in night interventions.
  • LED lighting of the cleaning tool.
  • Ceiling opening to improve the visibility of the driver. This glass will be accompanied by a reinforced wiper and with a stop at the top that limits its movements.

The set includes technical project + ITV.