Eco-Cleaning Electric Watering and Watering Tank

Cistern for irrigation and bucket of roads, with electric drive.

Patent number: U201631248

Body Features:

  • Tank (*): Volumetric capacity 8,500 lts, made of INOXST83 aluminium.
  • Power transmission: By 48v electric motor.
  • Batteries:24 Serially connected electrochemical cells.
  • Self-contained rechargeable equipment in the translation of the vehicle.
  • Acoustic emissions: Soundproof equipment.
  • Pump: Multistage in vertical arrangement (patented system No. U201531155), with operating regime of 15 m3/h and 15 Kg/cm2

Cleaning elements:

  • Winding with 25 m hose 1" and launches three effects.
  • Adjustable pole (360o) equipped with 10 m 3/4" hose and three-effect lance.
  • Integrated front cleaning bar, equipped with double set buckets (Industrial Design no. 0522712 3) and irrigation bar with spray nozzles.

Control Panel:

  • Located in the cabin, they allow to regulate the orientation of the buckets, as well as vary the flow progressively. (0% to 100%).
  • Pole and windmill controls in the back.


  • Tool holder or side handles.
  • Anti-cyclist side protections.
  • Swivel headlamp amber approved.
  • 10 mts of crushable hose of 45 mm.
  • Folding railings.
  • Non-slip ladder.

Vehicle configuration:

  • On any Chassis
  • P.M.A.: 12,000 to 23,000kg.
  • In the shortest Distancebetween Axles