Surtruck has delivered ten tankers to CLD, which are already watering and bucketing the streets of Barcelona.

In a few days, four more and five pressure washers will be delivered. Surtruck is making progress in the delivery of the order for sustainable and […]

Surtruck has fire extinguishers and equipment to extinguish lithium battery fires

The products, made with vermiculite, use an innovative technology that offers superior performance to extinguish flames and minimize damage. Surtruck has just introduced a highly innovative […]

Surtruck delivers a state-of-the-art irrigation and watering tank to Alcalá de Guadaíra Town Hall

The hydrostatic, soundproofed model is ready for operation as training for its use has already been carried out. The municipal cleaning company of the Alcalá de […]

Interview with Juan José Roldán, Surtruck’s Chief Electricity Officer

“What I like most about Surtruck is the enthusiasm of the team and our eagerness to improve”. He is part of the founding team of Surtruck, […]

Surtruck starts distributing products of the prestigious German brand Rössle

Its bilge pumps and hoovers, used for both cleaning and fire-fighting, are in great demand Surtruck has signed an agreement with the prestigious German brand Rössle […]

Growing demand for GumPack gum remover machine

The new models are adapted to the needs of pavements. Street dirt and the problem of having to remove chewing gum stuck to sidewalks and surfaces […]

Surtruck delivers in San Roque six new firefighting vehicles Light Urban Pump

With this third delivery, the Cadiz Consortium now has 18 new BULs The province of Cadiz has just received six new fire fighting vehicles as part […]

A Light Urban Pump for Adeje

The Association of Volunteer Firefighters acquires a vehicle to serve Tenerife Surtruck has just received the order to manufacture a Light Urban Pump that will be […]