Irrigation and bucket tanks


Training in the use of a Mercedes Benz tanker purchased for the Guadalajara Provincial Council

The Surtruck team has provided training in Guadalajara to optimise the use of a 10 cubic metre tanker on a Mercedes Benz Arocs 5 1835 4 […]

Our latest deliveries

The last two months have been intense, with deliveries of vehicles to different locations and entities throughout Spain. These have been some of them. Hydrostatic tanker […]

Surtruck sends to Emirates the first cleaning equipment that reduces water consumption by 40%

The vehicle will provide services for the company BEE`AH in the Emirate of Sharjam. The first cleaning equipment from Seville is already on its way to […]

The first irrigation tank with lithium batteries is already working in Vilaseca

The battery body weighs only 200 kilos and carries the same cubic metres of water as other systems. The first cistern manufactured with a lithium battery […]

Surtruck completes delivery of twenty tanks to CLD

They will carry out cleaning and sweeping tasks for the group in the Barcelona contract Surtruck has just completed the delivery of the last five units […]

Delivery of new Buxos to Madrid

Surtruck continues the delivery of new URBASER vehicles for the Madrid contract, with four units of Buxo chassis, which feature exclusive designs to fit the special […]

Training of irrigation and flushing cisterns at La Escala

Surtruck has provided training for the use of irrigation and watering tanks in the Barcelona town of La Escala. Recently, new vehicles had been delivered, and […]

Surtruck has delivered ten tankers to CLD, which are already watering and bucketing the streets of Barcelona.

In a few days, four more and five pressure washers will be delivered. Surtruck is making progress in the delivery of the order for sustainable and […]