Fire Fighters


The Sierra Bermeja fire test consolidates the 7-seater 4×4 vehicles designed by Surtruck

Professionals highlight the efficiency and performance of a design made exclusively for the forestry brigade. Carrying two extra occupants without having to do away with tools […]

Surtruck manufactures two narrow urban pumps and two support and transport vehicles for Cordoba

Surtruck’s narrow fire-fighting vehicles, the company’s emblem, having been pioneers in their manufacture, will soon have a new city as their destination: Cordoba. Surtruck has been […]

Surtruck manufactures a new generation of narrow double-cab vehicles that combine manning and extinguishing equipment

With a width of just 1.75 metres and all the certifications, it will prevent the departure of support vehicles for the services Sutruck has made a […]

Demonstration of the performance of the BUL vehicle for the Huelva fire brigade

The agents have tested a unit, which has travelled through the streets of Aroche. Surtruck has demonstrated the advantages of the light urban pumps (BUL) to […]

Final prototype of the new BULs for the CBPC signed

The Fire Brigade Consortium of the province of Cadiz has signed the final prototype of the new light fire engines for the service at Surtruck’s facilities. […]

The President and technical team of the CBPC visited Surtruck’s facilities

Surtruck will have the first delivery of twelve vehicles ready before the end of the year. Francisco Vaca, President of the Cadiz Province Fire Brigade Consortium, […]

Visit to Surtruck of the Cádiz Province Fire Brigade Consortium

This week, the Cadiz Province Firefighters’ Consortium visited the Surtruck facilities in Seville, where the 23 firefighting vehicles that will operate in the province of Cadiz […]

Seville Fire Department acquires new Surtruck vehicle

It is a light urban fire engine (BUL), destined for the city’s South Park. With its entry into service, it will increase the penetration capacity in […]