Hydrocleaner equipment


Surtruck presents the first two all-electric cleaning equipment with water consumption reduction of more than 40%.

The company commemorates World Water Day with these two prototypes and the signing of an agreement to create jobs. Surtruck wanted to commemorate World Water Day […]

Surtruck commemorates World Energy Efficiency Day with its R&D&I work to reduce emissions

SICUR’s all-electric firefighting equipment and ECO-Cleaning cleaning system, pioneers in their sectors Surtruck today celebrates World Energy Efficiency Day by further reinforcing its commitment to the […]

Delivery and training of a pressure washer in Armilla

At the beginning of January, Surtruck delivered a pressure washer to Armilla, acquired by FCC, and trained the workers who will provide services in the municipality […]

Our latest deliveries

The last two months have been intense, with deliveries of vehicles to different locations and entities throughout Spain. These have been some of them. Hydrostatic tanker […]

Surtruck brings to EcoFira an electric cleaning equipment that cuts water consumption in half

The 48 volt Eco-Cleaning electric cleaning system is 100% safe for the operator. Surtruck has brought to EcoFira the first 100% electric cleaning tanker marketed in […]

Training and commissioning of 8 new high pressure cleaners in Burgos

Surtruck has just delivered 8 new pressure washers to Urbaser in the town of Burgos According to Miguel Márquez, head of after-sales, the staff has been […]

Training in hydro-cleaning equipment for Urbaser in Ripollet

Surtruck provided training in Ripollet to show Urbaser workers how to operate and handle two pressure washers that have just arrived at their facilities. Throughout the […]

Training for the new ECO-Cleaning that will service Lérida

The Surtruck team has offered training to the staff of Serveis LIC at its facilities in Seville. These sessions have taught them how to use and […]