Surtruck takes Andalusian technology to the Arab Emirates

The Sevillian company reaches an agreement with the company Beeah, from the Emirate of Sharjah, for the sale of sustainable cleaning vehicles with low water consumption. […]

Accident prevention training course

Surtruck does not stop training its staff to ensure that knowledge is constantly updated. A group of 25 workshop workers have been taking a 20-hour course […]

Surtruck participates in Rescue Great Day international event

It will be held from May 10 to 13 in Seville. Surtruck will be one of the sponsors of the international event Rescue Great Day’23, one […]

Surtruck shows the mayor of La Rinconada its R+D+i manufacturing lines

The mayor highlights the institutional support and the beginning of a public-private collaboration. Surtruck has received a visit from the mayor of the municipality where its […]

Surtruck’s staff will collaborate with the Food Bank throughout the year

In addition to the donation of Christmas gift money, sorting work will be carried out in the warehouse on different dates Surtruck’s staff is characterized, among […]

Surtruck donates its Christmas gift budget to the Food Bank

Christmas hampers that reach those who need them most The Food Bank will distribute 3,400 kilos of food among Sevillian families with the money from Surtruck’s […]

The head of the Fire Department of the Madrid City Council visits Surtruck’s facilities in Seville

They wanted to know in situ the manufacturing process and the technological advances of the fire fighting vehicles. Surtruck’s facilities in Seville have received a visit […]

Surtruck takes to Sicur the evolution of its fire fighting vehicles and its 24 hour service in the Madrid delegation.

A Fuso from the Cadiz Provincial Consortium presides over the stand together with the most innovative and sustainable equipment. Surtruck is participating from today until Friday […]