Francisco Javier Fernández Rodríguez, Sales Representative for the Southern Delegation (Andalusia, Badajoz, Ceuta and Melilla)

“The efficiency of our after-sales service really helps us to sell” Although he has not been part of Surtruck since its foundation, Francisco Javier Fernández Rodríguez […]

Alba Rocío Lozano, engineer at Surtruck’s technical office

“Taking into account which are the most efficient and sustainable vehicle circuits is fundamental” The head of vehicle BOMs stresses the importance of making the right […]

Francisco Manuel Esteban López, warehouse manager

“The technology and organization is what is most surprising about Surtruck.” “I started by myself preparing the ship a year and a half ago. Now there […]

Interview with Miguel Márquez López, Surtruck’s After-Sales Manager

After-sales increases its customers thanks to customer loyalty, rapid response and post-delivery training “We respond with our staff to all incidents in less than 24 hours”. […]

William Ferro Iborra, head of approvals at Surtruck’s Technical Office

“The most difficult thing is to interpret what the client wants and adapt it to the regulations and to what our suppliers offer” He arrived in […]

José Luis Pérez Crespo, in charge of part of the Technical Office

“I am excited to work at Surtruck because it is a growing project that has no ceiling” He is about to celebrate his fourth year at […]

Interview with Juan José Roldán, Surtruck’s Chief Electricity Officer

“What I like most about Surtruck is the enthusiasm of the team and our eagerness to improve”. He is part of the founding team of Surtruck, […]

Interview with Antonio Venegas Montañés, Surtruck’s Road Cleaning Sales Manager

“Customers are already familiar with our Eco-Cleaning system and associate us with sustainability”. “Without the commitment and dedication of our team we would not have been […]