Interview with Juan José Roldán, Surtruck’s Chief Electricity Officer

“What I like most about Surtruck is the enthusiasm of the team and our eagerness to improve”. He is part of the founding team of Surtruck, […]

Interview with Antonio Venegas Montañés, Surtruck’s Road Cleaning Sales Manager

“Customers are already familiar with our Eco-Cleaning system and associate us with sustainability”. “Without the commitment and dedication of our team we would not have been […]

Ana Jesús Reyes, Financial Director of Surtruck

“We started with 7 payrolls and this month we have reached around 70” In 2021 Surtruck had a turnover of 5.8 million and is forecasting growth […]

Lorenzo Muñoz, Team Leader of Cleaning and Environment Team

“Having a top-quality technology is the best endorsement of our work”. The Cleaning and Environment Team Leader, very satisfied with the results of the ECO-Cleaning system. […]

Teresa Gentil, Commercial Director of Products Division

“We offer the most effective products and that is vital for professionals in this sector” She felt attracted and caught by the Surtruck project, a company […]

Francisco Algaba, Surtruck’s alma mater

The Workshop Manager is constantly researching to bring the most efficient, smallest and most sustainable vehicles to the market His duties go beyond work planning and […]