New generation of more abrasion resistant hoses

They have the smallest bending radius on the market Haberkorn achieves a design which is very suitable for fire brigades, but also for industry and agriculture. […]

Surtruck has fire extinguishers and equipment to extinguish lithium battery fires

The products, made with vermiculite, use an innovative technology that offers superior performance to extinguish flames and minimize damage. Surtruck has just introduced a highly innovative […]

Surtruck starts distributing products of the prestigious German brand Rössle

Its bilge pumps and hoovers, used for both cleaning and fire-fighting, are in great demand Surtruck has signed an agreement with the prestigious German brand Rössle […]

Growing demand for GumPack gum remover machine

The new models are adapted to the needs of pavements. Street dirt and the problem of having to remove chewing gum stuck to sidewalks and surfaces […]

Equipment area at our facilities in Madrid

Surtruck opened its new facilities in Madrid at the beginning of the year, specifically in the town of Getafe. According to the delegate, Luis Fernando Martín […]

Surtruck offers a course to Alicante’s firefighters for emergency situations

They have been shown the use of the DForcible Door and tools such as Mauler and Halligan. Surtruck has trained the Alicante firefighters in the use […]

Delta Fire designs water shields

“Water wall nozzle hose” is a hose at least 20 metres long with small holes that create a wall of water. Firefighting equipment manufacturers are constantly […]

Delta Fire helps quell wildfires with powerful sprinklers

Wildfire circular sprinkler nozzle’ offers high efficiency from the ground or as stand-up sprinkler nozzle Delta Fire has designed and launched a great ally against forest […]