Teresa Gentil, Commercial Director of Products Division

“We offer the most effective products and that is vital for professionals in this sector” She felt attracted and caught by the Surtruck project, a company […]

The Sierra Bermeja fire test consolidates the 7-seater 4×4 vehicles designed by Surtruck

Professionals highlight the efficiency and performance of a design made exclusively for the forestry brigade. Carrying two extra occupants without having to do away with tools […]

Surtruck offers a course to Alicante’s firefighters for emergency situations

They have been shown the use of the DForcible Door and tools such as Mauler and Halligan. Surtruck has trained the Alicante firefighters in the use […]

Surtruck manufactures two narrow urban pumps and two support and transport vehicles for Cordoba

Surtruck’s narrow fire-fighting vehicles, the company’s emblem, having been pioneers in their manufacture, will soon have a new city as their destination: Cordoba. Surtruck has been […]

A new pressure washer for Rivamadrid

Surtruck has been awarded the contract for a pressure washer van for Rivamadrid, which will be delivered in mid-December after obtaining the highest score in the […]

Delta Fire designs water shields

“Water wall nozzle hose” is a hose at least 20 metres long with small holes that create a wall of water. Firefighting equipment manufacturers are constantly […]

Delta Fire helps quell wildfires with powerful sprinklers

Wildfire circular sprinkler nozzle’ offers high efficiency from the ground or as stand-up sprinkler nozzle Delta Fire has designed and launched a great ally against forest […]

Surtruck delivers in Alicante an irrigation cistern with octagonal aluminium tank

With this new design, manufacturing times are reduced Surtruck has just launched a new type of octagonal irrigation tank on the market. This is a new […]