Training in the use of a Mercedes Benz tanker purchased for the Guadalajara Provincial Council

The Surtruck team has provided training in Guadalajara to optimise the use of a 10 cubic metre tanker on a Mercedes Benz Arocs 5 1835 4 […]

Delivery and training of a pressure washer in Armilla

At the beginning of January, Surtruck delivered a pressure washer to Armilla, acquired by FCC, and trained the workers who will provide services in the municipality […]

Our latest deliveries

The last two months have been intense, with deliveries of vehicles to different locations and entities throughout Spain. These have been some of them. Hydrostatic tanker […]

Delivery of a new light fire truck for the Historic Center of Toledo

Surtruck delivered at the end of the year a new light fire engine for firefighter interventions in the historic center of Toledo, which was presented by […]

Surtruck is once again donating the proceeds from Christmas gifts to those who need them most.

The company delivered the entire Christmas baskets, equivalent to 3,400 liters of milk, to the Food Bank. Giving up Christmas baskets to help those who really […]

Surtruck sends to Emirates the first cleaning equipment that reduces water consumption by 40%

The vehicle will provide services for the company BEE`AH in the Emirate of Sharjam. The first cleaning equipment from Seville is already on its way to […]

Surtruck supplies a DForcible Forced Opening Training Door to the Fire Department of the Madrid City Council

It will help firefighters to train in order to be able to effectively resolve real risk situations in housing The Fire Department of the Madrid City […]

Surtruck brings to EcoFira an electric cleaning equipment that cuts water consumption in half

The 48 volt Eco-Cleaning electric cleaning system is 100% safe for the operator. Surtruck has brought to EcoFira the first 100% electric cleaning tanker marketed in […]