The manufacture of BUL vehicles for the Cadiz fire brigade is progressing well

Surtruck prototype passes certification tests in Madrid Surtruck is working on the manufacture of 23 firefighting vehicles for the Cádiz Province Fire Brigade. These are light […]

Surtruck’s most powerful pressure washer to disinfect Cantabria’s streets

The Sevillian company delivers to MARE a unit with the latest technological and environmental advances The Government of Cantabria has opted for technology from Seville. The […]

Three Eco-Cleaning purchased by Cespa-Ferrovial for the Murcia City Council

Cespa, a subsidiary of Ferrovial Services, has three Eco-Cleaning units, electric cleaning vehicles designed and manufactured by Surtruck. The new vehicles are powered by lithium batteries […]

Final prototype of the new BULs for the CBPC signed

The Fire Brigade Consortium of the province of Cadiz has signed the final prototype of the new light fire engines for the service at Surtruck’s facilities. […]

Surtruck opens new headquarters in Madrid

Surtruck, an Andalusian engineering company specialising in the bodywork of fire fighting and street cleaning vehicles, will open new facilities in Madrid to offer a better […]

An Eco-Cleaning by Surtruck for Gelves Town Hall

Since 10 May, the Gelves Town Hall Cleaning Service has had an electric pressure washer, Eco-Cleaning, designed and manufactured by Surtruck. On that date, the vehicle […]

The President and technical team of the CBPC visited Surtruck’s facilities

Surtruck will have the first delivery of twelve vehicles ready before the end of the year. Francisco Vaca, President of the Cadiz Province Fire Brigade Consortium, […]

Visit to Surtruck of the Cádiz Province Fire Brigade Consortium

This week, the Cadiz Province Firefighters’ Consortium visited the Surtruck facilities in Seville, where the 23 firefighting vehicles that will operate in the province of Cadiz […]