Latest Eco-Cleaning technology, in process

Our workshop is working at full capacity under the orders of Francisco Algaba to manufacture the latest cleaning models: the Eco-Cleaning 200% electric. This is a […]

Surtruck congratulates the Seville Central Fire Station on its Centenary

The first BULs, manufactured in 2016, were destined for this headquarters. We congratulate the Fire Brigade of Seville for the centenary of its central park, in […]

The head of the Fire Department of the Madrid City Council visits Surtruck’s facilities in Seville

They wanted to know in situ the manufacturing process and the technological advances of the fire fighting vehicles. Surtruck’s facilities in Seville have received a visit […]

Equipment area at our facilities in Madrid

Surtruck opened its new facilities in Madrid at the beginning of the year, specifically in the town of Getafe. According to the delegate, Luis Fernando Martín […]

Lorenzo Muñoz, Team Leader of Cleaning and Environment Team

“Having a top-quality technology is the best endorsement of our work”. The Cleaning and Environment Team Leader, very satisfied with the results of the ECO-Cleaning system. […]

Sustainable cleaning in La Escala after the delivery of an Eco-Cleaning equipment

Urbaser acquires this modern high-pressure, electrically driven pressure washer Surtruck has recently delivered a modern sustainable cleaning equipment, an Eco-Cleaning pressure washer, in La Escala (Girona). […]

Surtruck delivers three cleaning equipment in Navarre to La Mancomunidad de La Ribera

Two watering and flushing cisterns and an Eco-Cleaning electric-powered pressure washer. The Mancomunidad de La Ribera is committed to sustainable cleaning. Surtruck has recently delivered three […]

Surtruck takes to Sicur the evolution of its fire fighting vehicles and its 24 hour service in the Madrid delegation.

A Fuso from the Cadiz Provincial Consortium presides over the stand together with the most innovative and sustainable equipment. Surtruck is participating from today until Friday […]