Delta Fire helps quell wildfires with powerful sprinklers

Wildfire circular sprinkler nozzle’ offers high efficiency from the ground or as stand-up sprinkler nozzle Delta Fire has designed and launched a great ally against forest […]

Surtruck delivers in Alicante an irrigation cistern with octagonal aluminium tank

With this new design, manufacturing times are reduced Surtruck has just launched a new type of octagonal irrigation tank on the market. This is a new […]

Surtruck manufactures a new generation of narrow double-cab vehicles that combine manning and extinguishing equipment

With a width of just 1.75 metres and all the certifications, it will prevent the departure of support vehicles for the services Sutruck has made a […]

Francisco Algaba, Surtruck’s alma mater

The Workshop Manager is constantly researching to bring the most efficient, smallest and most sustainable vehicles to the market His duties go beyond work planning and […]

Long life and efficiency of the Prima Unit portable foam unit

The fire brigade of the Cádiz Consortium test and check the optimum performance of the product One of Surtruck’s services is to offer quality equipment to […]

Efficient and certified disinfection with Krüger

The electrostatic atomiser fogger has established itself as a highly effective tool against COVID In times of pandemics and the need to disinfect to the extreme, […]

Surtruck acquires a warehouse close to its facilities that will allow it to double production with 200 vehicles per year

The new warehouse will be operational in January, as well as its new headquarters in Madrid, and will increase the workforce by 50% Surtruck is growing. […]

The efficiency of our portable monitor DPM1900

It is a compact and lightweight device that can operate without the presence of an operator One of the most valued pieces of equipment in the […]