The Catalan corporation CLD contracts Surtruck for 20 tankers and 15 pressure washers

Catalan corporation CLD contracts Surtruck for 20 tankers and 15 pressure washers for its pioneering, noise-free street cleaning technology. They will be the first international cleaning […]

Surtruck delivers in La Línea the new light vehicles that will be incorporated into the service of the Fire Brigade Consortium.

The 6 light urban fire engines (BUL) join the other 6 delivered in December With the delivery just made by Surtruck, the Cadiz Provincial Fire Brigade […]

Surtruck finalises preparations for participation in SICUR 2022

The Sevillian firm will be bringing its latest firefighting technology and most innovative equipment to Ifema from 22 to 25 February. Surtruck is almost ready for […]

Toledo increases Fire Service efficiency with the BUL manufactured by Surtruck

The recently delivered vehicle, which allows greater penetration in narrow streets, is fully operational. The Light Urban Pump recently delivered to the Toledo City Council is […]

Surtruck donates Christmas gift budget to Food Bank

This represents 0.5 % of annual profits and will enable the purchase of 3,400 litres of milk for needy families. Three years ago, the Surtruck staff […]

Surtruck will deliver in 2021 the first 12 of the 23 fire fighting vehicles acquired by the Fire Brigade Consortium.

Custom-designed to the required specifications, the first 6 units were presented at a protocol ceremony. The first narrow fire fighting vehicles manufactured by Surtruck are already […]

Surtruck trains Cadiz firefighters in general knowledge and hydraulics so that they can make the most of the new vehicles

This year, 12 BULs will be delivered to the Consortium and next year, the remaining 11 will be delivered. Surtruck has provided, through its own personnel […]

Mercedes partner certifies the powertrain of FUSOs manufactured by Surtruck

They are the only small vehicles with this manufacturer’s approval. The narrow vehicles manufactured by Surtruck for firefighting, the FUSO, have just passed a new test […]