Two hydrocleaner vans for Gandía City Council

On October 16, Surtruck delivered two hot water water-cleaning vehicles to Gandía Serveis Urbans S.A., formed by the Municipality of Gandía and FCC S.A. In addition […]

Surtruck renews one more year its carbon footprint record

True to its commitment to the environment, Surtruck has renewed its carbon footprint registration, compensation and CO2 absorption projects from the Ministry for Ecological Transition, with […]

The smallest fire vehicles on the market, in Granada


Orihuela City Council acquires a Surtruck hydrocleaner van

It is a hydrocleaner van driven by power intake, and equipped with propane boiler to generate hot water and moist steam, which guarantees a lower CO2 […]

Surtruck installs a high pressure pump in sweeper for cleaning of Monovar


New hydrostatic watering and bucket cistern for Roquetas de Mar

The Sea Rock Cleaning Service (Almería) has another irrigation tank and hydrostatic bucket, which will work together with three others also designed and manufactured by Surtruck. […]

A low-power hydrostatic cistern for Torre-Pacheco (Murcia)

The company STV Gestión has acquired a tank of high pressure and low soundproof consumption, intended for the road cleaning service of the City of Torre-Pacheco […]

A soundproof hydrostatic cistern will operate in several Valencian towns

The company Joaquín Lerma S.A., dedicated to the management of waste, services and contracts, has acquired a soundproof hydrostatic tank, designed and manufactured by Surtruck. The […]