Our Eco-Cleaning electric vehicle, on the Barcelona metro

The company Clece has acquired an Eco-Cleaning, electric driven hydrocleaner vehicle, with gas boiler for hot water, and whose destination is the cleaning service of Line […]

A hydrocleaner equipment for the municipality of Blanes (Gerona)

Waste management company Nora, in the region of La Selva (Gerona), has purchased a vehicle from Surtruck for the cleaning service of Blanes. It is a […]

Motobombs for seville City Council

Following a tender contest, Surtruck has supplied a set of motor pumps to the Service of Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue of the City of Seville. […]

New road cleaning equipment for Ceuta

An irrigation cistern manufactured by Surtruck will be delivered in the next few days in Ceuta to the public company dependent on the autonomous city, OBIMASA […]

Our new website

We've redesigned our website, looking more visually appealing and notably improving when it comes to navigating our wide range of products. We also inaugurated this new […]