High Pressure Bench Equipment

High pressure hydrocleaner vehicle on chassis for cleaning special stains, graffiti and other dirt present in the urban environment.

Great accessibility to narrow areas.


  • Body on closed van chassis.
  • Motor pump group composed of 13 hp petrol engine.
  • High pressure pump with yields of 17 l/min and 210 bar.
  • It incorporates a 25 m hose-bearing reel with a pistol and high-pressure spear on the back of the unit.
  • Polyester tank of 500 liters dumbed depending on the load capacity of the chassis.
  • The entire assembly installed on bench anchored to the ground.

The set includes technical project + ITV.


  • Swivel headlight amber on cab.
  • Chemical dispenser.
  • Hot water boiler up to 80 oC.
  • Dome for higher performance manual cleanings.
  • Shelf for tools with 3 drawers built of aluminum.
  • Higher capacity water tank depending on the tare of the chassis.