Heavy Urban Pump (BUP)

High performance vehicle prepared to intervene in any type of intervention: long-lasting structural fires, traffic accidents, industrial fires, rescues and rescues.

Operating in Barbate Town Hall


– Length approx. 7350 mm. – Width 2500 mm.


Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault.

  • 4×2 traction
  • WFP: 13 – 15 Tons
  •  Wheelbase: 3600mm – 3800mm
  • Double cabin according to EN 1846.


  • Low profile subframe, made of high elastic limit steel.
  • Body made of aluminum with 3 side shutters and 1 rear.
  • Interior lighting by LEDs.
  • Front and rear low arches.
  • 3000 litre water tank made of polyester. It incorporates automatic overflow valve.
  • Pump FPN 10-2000-1H & FPH 40-250-3 according to EN 1028.
  • Automatic priming system.
  • Yields: 2850 l/min. 8 at 8 bar and 1.5 m. suction height. Warranty point 2000 l/min. 10 bar and 3 m. suction height.
  • 400 l/min. 40 bar. Guaranteed point 250 l/min to 40 bar.
  • Reel soon high pressure relief with electric pickup and emergency manual.
  • Priority signaling: integrated lights on cab roof.
  • Electronic siren 3 tones 100 watts with public address.


WinchBridge of LightsSide pump closed
Vertical escapeStrobe lightsRemovable support
Tow hookDirectional lightsPneumatic opening cab steps
Spare wheelLight mastWater tank 1000 litres
Pneumatic sirenPerimeter lightingProvide foam
Batteries in removable mediaProtection in lightsDeposit for foam
Quick exit systemCeiling chest
Seats for autonomous breathing equipmentTailgate

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