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Cleaning vehicles, fires and solar plants

We are a company formed by a human team that has the necessary means to design, develop and manufacture industrial equipment for application in the sectors of fire, road cleaning and solar plant.









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Latest news

New vehicles for Seville Fire Department

The Seville City Council has acquired four new vehicles for the Seville Fire Brigade, three of them designed and manufactured by Surtruck.

Presentation in Granada of the new BUL

The new vehicles of the Granada Fire Consortium were unveiled on September 5, 2019 at the Mirador de San Nicolás, in the Albaicín.

Rapid Intervention Vehicle (VIR)

Vehicle of first intervention designed for special cleanings. It has a large number of teams that allow you to attack incidents quickly.


Equipment for baling and cleaning of sidewalks, cleaning of underground, surface containers and urban furniture. Remove gum, paint and stains on different surfaces.