Fast Five Vehicle (BUL)

Fire-fighting vehicle, for interventions in hard-to-reach places, specially designed for urban areas and narrow streets.

Operating in the town halls of Seville and Jaén


  • Aluminum bodywork.
  • Anodized aluminium profiles with a high degree of anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Maximum use of space, distributed in cabinets with closure by anodized aluminum shutters, watertight and very soft.
  • Construction materials, aluminum and stainless steel.

Vehicle Configuration

  • Dimensions body vehicle: Length: 5,420 mm, Height: 2,570 mm
  • Chassis: Fuso CANTER 4×2
  • P.M.A.: 7,500 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2,800 mm

Water tank

  • Built in Aluminum
  • Totally stainless and resistant to salts dissolved in water.
  • Suitable for all types of water.
  • Capacity 1,200 liters. (Optional up to 2,000 liters, depending on vehicle PMA)
  • It incorporates overflow valve.


  • Interior support, specially designed for fire fighting application.
  • Fixed or removable, sliding and/or rotating, exceeding the minimum required in both the UNE and DIN standards.
  • Provides maximum speed and total accuracy, with logical movements.
  • Special support for ERAS equipment, with devices of easy placement, quick release and full security for the user.


  • Pump FPN 10-1000-2H & FPH 40-250-3 according to EN 1028.
  • Automatic priming system.


  • Low pressure: 1800 l/min at 8 bar and 1.5 m suction height.
  • Point guarantee 250 l/min to 40 bar.
  • 1 Suction mouth DN 110 mm
  • 2 Outputs drive DN 75 mm
  • Drive by transmission from the Vehicle’s PTO.


Quick exit system ERA teams
 Perimeter lighting Ceiling chest
 Provide foam Removable support
 Bridge of Lights Strobe lights
 Directional lights Winch
 Tow hook Pneumatic siren

The set includes technical project + ITV.

The Fast Five with the firefighters of Seville