Forced opening training door

Designed especially for firefighters and other emergency services. It is a sturdy and solid support, with sturdy steel structure and a high quality finish.

Technical features

  • Designed for training with opening tools (Halligan and Fire Maul)
  • Closure by wooden studs
  • Double door – 4 job possibilities
  • Adjustable spacing system in the frame to avoid the risk of deformation of the structure
  • 4 lock heights
  • Fully open structure to allow good control of the manoeuvre and safety of professionals
  • Metal and wood frames
  • Lock handles

Logistics features

  • Easy assembly (6 pieces)
  • Transportable in commercial vehicles (disassembled)
  • Easily transportable by pallet truck or similar.
  • Wear parts in high-strength steel

Technical options

  • Displacement system
  • Plate holder for cutting tools
  • Tip for battering ram use
  • Locks
  • Option for use of scarring equipment
  • Other options to study