Flowmaster 250 Flowmeter

Designed to assist fire fighting services and water network control and maintenance services by providing accurate flow and pressure measurements. The Flowmaster flow meter facilitates reliable hydrant and pressure evaluation. This equipment is used to find out which hydrants are in operation, and what pressure and water flow they provide. In addition, the Flowmaster can help the service using it to detect possible leaks or blockages.

The Flowmaster flowmeter is a portable version capable of accurately measuring flow rates up to 3000 LPM and pressures up to 25bar. It weighs only 12Kg and is fitted with a handle for easy transport.

Technical Specifications

  • Color Red RAL 3020 / Natural Aluminum
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Dimensions 210 (H) x 240 (W) x 390 (L) mm
  • Operating Range (Flow Rate) 30 to 3000 LPM
  • Accuracy: Q>750 LPM, ERROR ± 15 LPM / Q<750 LPM, ERROR ± 2%
  • Maximum operating pressure 25 bar
  • Operating temperature range -10 to 50ºC (-10 to 50ºC)
  • Digital flow rate display 4 digits
  • Flow reading bar graph.
  • Flow rate in LPM or GPM
  • Displays instantaneous flow rate
  • Displays accumulated flow rate
  • Pressure gauge Analog option (default)
  • Pressure gaugei Digital option (Consult)
  • 2 ½” BSP male thread connectors
  • Power supply: Internal battery 12V DC, 2,4 Ah (charger included)