Automatic H500 Mid-Range Fire Nozzle

The H500 Mid-range Fire Nozzle combines the functionality of an automatic slide valve with the high performance at low pressures. It contains 6 position selectors, by means of “clicks” that offer from 40 to 450 lpm at 7 bar.

With a magnificent performance, this Fire Nozzle can produce a very dense fog pattern thanks to the fixed teeth embedded in the bumper. This makes the task of cooling hot gases using the pulse technique more efficient.

Technical features

  • Spear body: Cylindrical shape in hard anodised aluminium in black. Rough finish handle. Inverted U-shaped opening/closing lever that allows it to be held by 4 fingers with safety gloves. Made of high impact resin
  • Slide valve: Hydraulically operated in stainless steel
  • Front nozzle: Shockproof polyurethane. Ribbed.
  • Permanent marking by laser.