Automatic H500 y H500ST Fire Nozzles

The H500 Fire Nozzle is designed to provide a combination of automatic pressure and flow control at high pressures. The stainless steel slide valve allows easy opening and closing of the lance even at 40 bar. This allows the nozzle to be used using the “pulse” technique to cool hot gases.

Technical features

  • Spear body: Cylindrical shape in hard anodised aluminium in black. Rough finish handle. Inverted U-shaped opening/closing lever that allows it to be held by 4 fingers with safety gloves. Made of high impact resin.
  • Slide valve: Hydraulically operated in stainless steel.
  • Front nozzle: Shockproof polyurethane.
  • Ribbed
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (without fitting)
  • Inlet: Type BSP 1″ (25mm) factory threaded
  • Flow rate range: variable according to model
  • Maximum use pressure: 12 bar
  • Permanent marking by laser