Low expansion foam nozzles. S and HV series

HV low expansion nozzles are designed to work with any type of foam concentrate, including fluorinated, AFFF, FFFP and alcohol resistant.

They are designed to first expand and then accelerate the foam at high velocity, giving longer ranges than other designs.

These designs are compatible with the brand’s proportioners or inductors and other equivalent models.

The HV series has a light alloy aluminium body powder coated both inside and out to prevent corrosion. Epoxy coating finish available in high visibility orange or yellow.

The S series is available in stainless steel and bronze nozzle for very extreme environments normally used in marine applications.

Technical characteristics

Serie HV serie

Flow rate options: 225, 450 and 900 litres per minute.

The 450 and 900 LPM options come with a handle as standard.

HV Series (Self-induction)

Allows the foam to be generated directly from the foam concentrate drum with stainless steel tube and swirler.

This version is also available in 225, 450 and 900 LPM.

S Serie

This series is primarily intended for use in marine and hazardous environments and saline atmospheres.

Manufactured with 316 stainless steel body and bronze nozzle.