Medium expansion foam nozzles. M Series

The Delta Fire M Series medium expansion lance has been designed to use any type of foamer producing stable foam flows over a wide pressure range.

This series is strong, compact and lightweight, compatible with any induction system or foam proportioner.

This nozzle requires a minimum amount of water to cover a spill. It works with pressures between 2 and 7 bar depending on the type of foam. The M series has a stainless steel body with 3 flow rate options available. It can be supplied in natural colour, high visibility yellow and international orange.

As an option, a pressure gauge and a ball valve can be added to open/close the flow.

Supplied from the factory with a BSP inlet, it accepts any coupling required.

Technical characteristics


  • Rapid coverage of flammable liquid spills
  • Suppression of hazardous vapours
  • Extinguishing hard-to-reach fires
  • Foam flooding of basements, cable ducts and small enclosures.
  • Fixed version available.


  • Flow options: 225, 450 and 900 litres per minute
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Any type of adaptor available
  • Pressure gauge and ball valve available.